About Us

About Grace Hospital

Grace Hospital is a multispecialty hospital and research center established in Basti, Uttar Pradesh in the year 2020. Here in Grace Hospital we create a responsive healing environment, by being nimble to the needs of our patients and delivering what they really need with precision and timing. We are focused yet fast, personal yet practical, advanced yet seamless in delivering the exact care our patients need.

Patient who came here have very good experience and treatment. They always love to recommend grace hospital for any kind of treatment and health consulting. Hospital infrastructure has very vast and all feature of multispecialty hospital.

Our Leaders

Mr. Shashank Gupta (Managing Director)

At Grace Hospital, our vision is to be the most well regarded healthcare provider in India committed to the highest standards of clinical excellence and patient care, supported by latest technology and cutting edge research. We ask more of ourselves, so we can give more to our patients. We push the boundaries of excellence in everything we do, so we can deliver the highest standards in patient-centred care. We have built an institution which matches the highest standards of healthcare delivery where care is provided to patients at an affordable cost.

Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta (Chairman)

At Grace Hospital we always deliver on our commitment and ensure the highest level of patient care is met at every stage, every time. We believe that only through consistency can we achieve our patients’ trust and fulfil our goals. We ask more of ourselves and are always passionate about achieving the highest standards of medical expertise and patient care. We understand that being the best is a continuous journey of becoming better versions of ourselves every day.


We’re Setting the New
Standards in Medical Sector

Modern Technology

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Certified Doctors

Get an Expert Medical Opinion from our renowned certified doctors so you can have the answers and confidence to make informed decisions about your health. Our doctors top priority is you. Which means you get the answers and assurance you deserve with accuracy you can trust.

Success Of Treatment

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